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Real Estate Dictionary

You’ve got to be able to “talk the talk” if you want to be successful in CRE.  Gain access to our FREE Commercial Real Estate Dictionary to see common industry definitions and how you can apply them.

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Modeling Course

Looking for the best resource to perfect your real estate modeling skills? is proud to offer an interactive video series on real estate modeling fundamentals. Our course includes asset-level underwriting, senior loans, construction loans, stabilized refinance, equity waterfalls, and much more. Want to be the first on the list? Drop us a line!

Real World Knowledge

What you learn in the classroom isn’t always indicative of the real world situations you’ll have to face once you start practicing Commercial Real Estate.  Our team has over 15 years of experience in the business, and we’re ready to show you how to achieve success. Our Resource Center is consistently updated with high quality educational content.


Looking to prove your real estate knowledge? Graduating soon and want to gain a competitive edge? In the market for a new job? Rely on us with a LearnCRE real estate certification in a) real estate modeling, b) real estate fundamentals, c) equity structuring, or d) debt structuring.


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“I work in banking but have always had an interest in real estate. This website is the perfect resource for any professional that needs interview prep, has random curiosity, or generally wants to dive deeper into core concepts.”
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