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Dock-High - Refers to an industrial building that has “dock-high” loading capacity for trucks. This means that a truck’s bed is level with the floor of the warehouse for seamless loading and unloading. A leveler can be used to bridge small gaps.

Distribution - Generally described as large-scale industrial facilities with wide column spacing, dozens of truck bays, and high clear heights for racking.

Cross-Dock - A feature of a distribution center or warehouse that has docks on both sides of the building, allowing for simultaneous loading and unloading of trucks without the need for large storage.

Clear Height - The actual open space between the slab and the ceiling span.


Flex - Generally smaller industrial with an office component that opens up to a larger industrial space. Usually 10-20% office use.


Grade - A term used to define a level base or a sloping elevation. “At grade” means the property is flat or at even level. “Below grade” means a basement or that there is typically a slope and is used for truck ramps.

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Light Industrial - Generally a manufacturing use that produces goods for the end user. These assets could have high levels of customization for heavy machinery or a production line.

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Pre-Cast - A type of construction where concrete components are cast (formed) off-site and then transported by truck or rail to the construction site.

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Turning Radius  - The amount of space that a truck has to turn and navigate.

Truck Court - The truck loading/parking area.

Tilt-Up - A type of construction where building walls are cast on-site and tilted/lifted up with a crane. This is easily identifiable by a new building that has partial walls lifted that are propped up by diagonal support beams.

Small-Bay - A form of industrial real estate, “small bay” means multiple individual tenants that make up the facility such as an auto mechanic, furniture fabricator, small business, etc. There are typically 4+ small bay tenants in a multi-tenant building.

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